ViraFungal Fighter

The Secret of Youthfulness

As we age, the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body decreases. The skin becomes leathery; arteries lose their elasticity and stiffen; joints, ligaments and cartilage stiffen; eyes become cloudy. The powerful antioxidants in ViraFungal Fighter can deactivate free radicals and stop the damage they cause.

Youthfulness, to a great extent, is determined by the suppleness of the connective tissues in the body. In our youth these tissues are soft, pliant and flexible. As we age, these tissues oxidize, become cross-linked and stiff, losing their elasticity. The ingredients in ViraFungal Fighter have an affinity for connective tissues, binding to them and protecting them from oxidation, inflammation damage, and collagen destroying enyzmes.

Premature ageing of the skin can be prevented with the potent antioxidant ability of ViraFungal Fighter because it is readily absorbed into the skin. It can help protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage that leads to wrinkles and skin cancer. Because ViraFungal Fighter stabilizes collagen and elastin, it can help improve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

The natural sources for ViraFungal Fighter may be affected by seasonal conditions. Occasional flavor and aroma variations may result. This does not affect the quality or potency of VFF.

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